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images/stories/brother_walfrid.jpgWhen Celtic was taken over by new management in 1994 they sought to maximise Celtic's potential as a football club and a business but also to regenerate Celtic's social dimension, with a return to supporting charitable causes in line with the founding principles of the club laid out by Brother Walfrid. Since it opened its doors in 2000 the Irvine No1 Celtic Sports Club has paralleled Celtic's ethos by making regular donations to charity. Indeed, over the last twelve years the club has been involved in a huge amount of community projects and charitable work.

Donating to worthy causes in the local area has long been a priority. One very recent recipient was Irvine Cancer Care, based in Heathfield House on the Kilwinning Road, who help transport cancer patients in and around the Irvine area to and from hospital appointments, mainly in Glasgow. Staffed entirely by volunteers, and funded entirely by donations, they clocked up an incredible 78,000 miles last year driving patients to hospital.

In terms of national organisations, the British Red Cross recently received a donation from the club. The British Red Cross are part of a global voluntary network who help people in crisis due to conflicts and natural disasters. Televison pictures and internet footage of the humanitarian crisis that has recently engulfed Syria have been a timely reminder of the importance of their work in getting medical care, food and supplies to people in need. Visit their website by clicking here (Please note that this link will open in a new browser window)

We are currently in the process of collating the details of all of the charitable donations that the club has made over the years and they will be published here in due course. Charitable donations that are to come will also be published here. Members are reminded that supporting the club by renewing your membership, encouraging others to become members, joining the lottery scheme and, perhaps most importantly, using the club regularly, is the key to letting our charity work continue and thus keep the spirit of Brother Walfrid alive.

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