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The Irvine No1 Celtic Sports Club lottery scheme was established in January 2010 to strengthen the club's finances in these challenging economic times. It has been a resounding success with approximately 300 subscribers to date. For just £5 a month, pledgers can win a first prize of £500, a second prize of £150 or a third prize of £100, with two sets of each prize up for grabs in the Christmas draw.

The lottery is drawn at the lottery dance which takes place on the last Saturday of the month providing it does not clash with a high profile Celtic fixture. Check the Upcoming Events page for full details of the next one.

If you haven't signed up for the lottery scheme then please do so now. Your contribution will, again, help to keep the club financially sound, ensure that further improvements can be made to the club and facilitate further charitable donations. Simply download the form below, complete it and return it to your bank as soon as possible:

Lottery Scheme Standing Order Instruction (Please note that this link will open in a new browser window)

Please note that all enquiries relating to the lottery scheme should be directed to in the first place.

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Renewal dates for memberships

Friday     29th.  June 5pm. to 7pm.

Sunday 1st July 2-4pm 

Renewals outwith these dates may be posted in the  Membership / Secretary box at reception with the renewal form and appropriate fee

 LOTTO NIGHT 30th June - Live Band Distant Sun

















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